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Responsibly harvested, reclaimed palo santo used to create beautiful wands, amulets, mala beads, incense and other tools for your spiritual practice.

Ki is the spiritual force that emanates from and gives energy to living beings. It is the vibration of your soul.

Palo santo

For generations medicine people, shamans, and other tribal people in the Andes and South America have used this sacred wood for healing and clearing purposes. We sustainably harvested this wood in the mountains of Peru thirty years ago, after more than a decade maturing on the forest floor. Reclaiming the fallen branches and logs, we kept them over the years to dry and further develop the natural aroma. We now feel that this magnificent wood is ready to transcend into its next phase, and humanity is finally willing to receive it. We believe in the potency of this sacred tree that has been used for thousands of years. Those who are seeking a more united spiritual connection use palo santo to protect, experience, and heal.


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